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What is a Community Improvement Plan (CIP)?

A Community Improvement Plan or CIP is a powerful policy tool used by Ontario municipalities to facilitate the (re)development, rehabilitation, and/or revitalization of selected areas in a municipality. These plans are typically developed to address key issues such as main street upgrades, tourism, site redevelopment, or affordable housing provision within a priority area, known as a Community Improvement Project Area (CIPA). A CIP will outline a vision for improvement of the CIPA, and employ the methods/powers outlined under Section 28 of the Planning Act to realize that vision.

One of the most common functions of a CIP is the provision of financial incentives specifically tailored to encourage property owners or tenants to undertake improvement projects that are aligned with the vision of the plan. Without a CIP, municipalities are prohibited from offering financial assistance to the private sector in any way. In addition to financial incentive programs, a CIP also typically identifies specific municipal projects, policies, or initiatives to be pursued by a municipality, at the discretion of their council. These public-facing initiatives are generally intended to complement the private investment focus of a CIP, allowing councils to lead by example in working towards the plan’s vision.

  • The Township of Adelaide Metcalfe has implemented a Township-wide Community Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • The CIP provides a selection of financial incentive programs to encourage property or building owners to undertake improvement projects that are aligned with the goals and vision of the plan.
  • The CIP is funding on an annual basis through the Municipal Budget process
  • Please note that not all of the financial incentives and funding mechanisms outlined in the CIP will be available every year

Available Documents

2024 Available Financial Incentive Programs

Program Summary


  • Construction Cost Matching Grant
  • Professional Fees Matching Grant
  • Building and Planning Fee Grant
to support the establishment and / or improvement of value- added agricultural businesses, agri-tourism operations, recreational tourism, and related home-based businesses outside of more ‘traditional’ CIP areas. Not intended to fund general ag-uses; livestock operations, dairy farms, horticulture, etc.)

Facade & Signage

  • Construction Cost Matching
  • Professional Fees Matching
  • Building and Planning Fee Grant
to assist with the financing of improvements to one or more facades of a non-residential building. This program will support stronger main street and primary corridor area streetscapes where improvements on multiple sites can have a compound improvement effect to achieve a more cohesive vision for beautification.

Site Beautification

  • Construction Cost Matching
  • Professional Fees Matching
  • Building and Planning Fee Grant
to encourage improvements to sites on which a non-residential use/business is located. The grants in the program will support improvements such as landscaping / hardscaping, improvements to pedestrian and vehicular access and parking areas, the introduction of bike parking, or other permanent site elements apart from the building that improve the overall visual quality and/or function of the site.


  • Construction Cost Matching
  • Professional Fees Matching
  • Building and Planning Fee Grant
to assist building and business owners with upgrades or improvements to improve barrier-free accessibility or code compliance / performance. These improvements are often necessary where buildings were constructed prior to modern code / accessibility requirements for a given use, wherein upgrades can be costly and even present barriers to revitalizing a building/establishing a business.