Waste and Recycling

Collection of empty plastic water bottles
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Public Works Manager
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The Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA) has been contracted to provide both waste and recycling automated services to Adelaide Metcalfe.

Bluewater Recycling Association contact information:

Bluewater Recycling Association
415 Canada Avenue
Huron Park, ON, N0M 1Y0
Phone: (519)228-6678
Fax: (519)228-6656
Email: @email
Website: www.bra.org

Collection Schedule
  • In general, both Waste & Recycling service is collected on a weekly basis every Tuesday (please have your waste and recyclables placed at roadside by 7:00 am)

To view more information on Waste & Recycling, please visit the Bluewater Recycling Association (BRA) - Adelaide Metcalfe Services Page

Bin Costs/Sizes
  • Waste Bin sizes and fees
    • Small (35 gal/120L) - $124.56
    • Medium (65 gal/240L) - $176.46
    • Large (95 gal/350:) - $233.55
  • This is a rate-based program where the residents pay fees for the services they receive based on the size of their garbage bin.
  • The volume-based rate structure was designed to encourage residents to divert as much as possible away from landfills
  • To see the sizes for waste containers, visit the BRA Containers page.
Other Waste Services

See our Landfill Services page for other waste disposal needs and information.

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