Billing and Payments

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Property Tax Billing Information

Due Dates

Interim billing is based on 50% of the previous years taxes

Interim due dates for 2023:

  • February 28
  • May 31

(Interim bills are circulated in the first part of February)

Final bill due dates for 2023:

  • August 31
  • November 30

(Final bills are circulated in the first part of August)

Late Payments
  • Penalty/interest of 1.25% charged on overdue accounts on the first day of default and the first day of each month thereafter
  • An account overdue for two years may be subject a tax arrears certificate
  • Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the customer of finance charges or tax arrears certificate
    Receiving your bill

    You can receive your tax bill by mail or email

    Paying your bill

    Payments of your property taxes bill can be as followed:

    Pre-authorization payment plan (PAP)

    Ten automatic withdrawals from your bank account on the 20th day each month (February to November) or automatic withdrawals from your bank account on the four instalment due dates. See the pre-authorized payment plan form for more information.

    Pre-Authorization Payment Plan (PAP) Application form

    Change in Pre-Authorization Plan (PAP) Form 

    Please note: you will still receive a bill from the municipality if you pay by PAP. It will say “Pre-authorization payment plan in effect. Do Not Pay” across the bottom of your bill

    Online Banking

    • Payee name listed as “Adelaide Metcalfe Twp- Taxes”
    • Use your property tax roll number for your account number; use all 19 digits.
    • Please allow at least 3 days for bank processing time to avoid late payment penalties.


    • Paid at any authorized financial institutions
    • Please allow at least 3 days for bank processing time to avoid late fees


    • If paying by cheque via mail, allow for sufficient time for delivery
    • Cheques payable to “Township of Adelaide Metcalfe”
    • NSF fee of $50.00 will be charged for any returned payment

    Municipal Office

    • In person payment by cash, cheque or debit
    • Municipal office is open from Monday to Friday 9am – 4pm. A drop box is available at the office as well.
    • Credit card not accepted
    • Cheques payable to “Township of Adelaide Metcalfe”
    • NSF fees of $50.00 will be charge for any returned payments.
    • No need to contact us if you are moving unless you have not received a tax bill, tax account (roll number) stays with the property.
    • Contact your lawyer for any tax adjustment between owners.