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Adelaide Metcalfe - Middlesex County Library "NovelBranch" Kiosk

  • The NovelBranch Kiosk offers residents a library service point in Adelaide Metcalfe.  Users of the NovelBranch will be able to browse, check-out and return books, all at one convenient location.
  • The NovelBranch Kiosk is located at the Adelaide Metcalfe Municipal Office at 2340 Egremont Drive
  • The NovelBranch Kiosk can be accessed during normal municipal office business hours (Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm)
  • Featuring a collection of 150 Adult, Child and Young Adult books, the NovelBranch can be accessed with your existing Middlesex County Library card.  To open the kiosk, scan your card and enter your PIN. Take your time to browse the collection - then, once you’ve made your selections, simply close the door.  The NovelBranch uses RFID technology to know which books have been removed, and will automatically check them out on your account.  Items borrowed from the NovelBranch can be returned to the drop-box also located within the township office.  You can also return library items that were received by mail, and items checked out at any other Middlesex County Library branch.
  • Interested in using the NovelBranch, but haven’t used your library card in a while?  Check in with the Middlesex County Library first!  Middlesex County Library cards do expire, and your PIN is required to use the NovelBranch.  To verify your information, leave the Library a message at 519-245-8237 or email at @email.

NovelBranch - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the NovelBranch located?  The NovelBranch is located within the Township of Adelaide Metcalfe office located at 2340 Egremont Drive, RR#5 Strathroy.

When is the NovelBranch available? The NovelBranch is available during the Township Office's open hours of 9:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday - Friday.

How do I open the NovelBranch? Scan your library card's barcode, or type in your library card number using the touchscreen.  Then, enter your PIN.  The door will pop open!

How do I check-out items?  Once the door is open, take your time to browse the items,  When you've made your selections, simply close the door.  The NovelBranch will take a moment to check its inventory, then display your check-outs on the screen. The items listed are now checked-out on your account.

How do I return items?  At this time we ask that all kiosk items are returned to the drop-box located next to the NovelBranch. You are also welcome to return items checked-out at other Middlesex County Library locations, or that you have received by mail. Please note that there may be a delayed of up to 7 days before returned items are removed from your account.  No fines will be charged for this period; and fines showing will be removed during the check-in process.

I tried to use the NovelBranch, but there was a problem with my card. What should I do?  Middlesex County Library cards expire every two years, and long unused cards are removed from our system.  To verify the status of your card, contact any open Middlesex County Library branch, 519-245-8237 or email at @email   

What is my PIN? Your PIN is typically the last four digits of the phone number listed on your library account.  If you are still unable to access the NovelBranch, please contact the Middlesex County Library at 519-245-8237 or email at @email

How can I get a library card? Visit any open Middlesex County Library branch to apply for a library card. Make sure to bring ID and proof of address when you visit (examples include your driver's license or photo health card and a bill in your name or student card and report card).  

Download Middlesex County Library guide to using the NovelBranch.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact us by phone at 519-245-8237 or email @email