Municipal Modernization

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The Township of Adelaide Metcalfe is committed to modernizing and implementing efficient processes
to improve the way we deliver services to the residents of Adelaide Metcalfe. 

  • In 2019, The Province of Ontario developed and launched the Municipal Modernization program which is designed to assist small and rural municipalities across the Province.
  • The program supports the review, development and delivery of modern and efficient municipal services
  • The program consists of a unconditional one-time grant and a series of application intakes
Unconditional One-time Modernization Funding
  • In March 2019, the Township received $308,554 in unconditional one-time modernization funds
  • The following items have been purchased through the unconditional funds:
    • Phone System (improved Digital Communication Tools)
    • Keystone - Digitize Animal Licensing
    • Laserfiche - Electronic File Management
    • eScribe - Digital Agenda Management
    • Website Redevelopment
    • Microsoft Office 365 Implementation
    • Municipal Office Internet Connection
  • The following projects have been identified by staff as an efficient and effective use of the remaining unconditional one-time modernization funds to improve municipal operations, move services online, and to create a more efficient and effective municipality moving forward: 
    • Asset Management Software
    • Website Enhancements
    • Laserfiche - document workflow development and automation
Municipal Modernization - Intake 1
Municipal Modernization - Intake 2
  • In 2021, the Municipal Modernization program issued an additional (Intake 2) application intake
  • Adelaide Metcalfe submitted a successful application for a Service Delivery Review of the Drainage, Planning, and Records Management Processes
  • The Service Delivery Review (Planning, Drainage, Records Management) was completed in January 2022

For further information on Municipal Modernization process at Adelaide Metcalfe,  please contact the Chief Administrative Officer.