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For all business inquiries, please contact Morgan Calvert - Chief Administrative Officer

Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Funding
  • The Township of Adelaide Metcalfe has implemented a Township-wide Community Improvement Plan (CIP)
  • The CIP provides a selection of financial incentive programs to encourage property or building owners to undertake improvement projects that are aligned with the goals and vision of the plan.

Adelaide Metcalfe Community Improvement Plan

Adelaide Metcalfe Community Improvement Plan - Background Report

  • The CIP is funding on an annual basis through the Municipal Budget process
  • Please note that not all of the financial incentives and funding mechanisms outlined in the CIP will be available every year
  • The 2023 available programs and applications are expected to be outlined in early 2023
County of Middlesex - Invest in Middlesex
  • The County of Middlesex Economic Development department works in collaboration with Adelaide Metcalfe, supporting the creating of new business, expansion of existing businesses and the attraction of companies into the County of Middlesex
  • The site "Invest in Middlesex" has been created to assist existing and potential business with a variety of resources
  • The Middlesex County Economic Development department can be reached at 519-434-7321 or by email at @email
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Business Resources:

Available Real Estate
Business Directory
Business Associations
Small Business & Entrepreneurial Assistance (Business Help Centre)

Community Futures Middlesex - "The Business Help Centre" offers a variety of free business support resources as well as a potential funding source.

Adelaide Metcalfe Business Testimonials (created by Invest in Middlesex):

Ralph Bos Meats (3742 Egremont Drive - Website)

 Texas Longhorn Ranch (1745 Melwood Drive - Website)

 S.A.M.Y.'s Alpaca Farm and Fibre Studio (2432 Cuddy Drive - Website)

 Safe Home Fireplace (28592 Centre Road - Website)

 Parrish & Heimecker Limited (1764 McKenzie Street, Kerwood - Website)